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EsdotFitness centers queer and people of color (QPOC) by fostering authenticity, community, visibility and radical joy. 

-Slater Nelson owner/coach

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Empowering EsdotFitness community members and those around us to be their truest selves. Show up exactly as you are (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious/spiritual affliation, etc). As a queer person of color (QPOC) I'm at my healthiest physically, mentally, and emotionally when I feel safe to show up as my fullest self. My goal is to create a brave space where my clients feel comfortable to do the same.


Stronger You | Stronger Us
We first have to show up for & take care of ourselves, and then we can take care of, advocate for, and amplify the voices & perspectives of our neighbors. We support each other during group workouts and EsdotFitness events and build community through respect, compassion, and accountability.

Visibility we let our own light shine, we consciously give

other people permission to do the same. 

-Marianne Williamson, Our Deepest Fear

The EsdotFitness community represents folx of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. When we create a brave space for people to show up as their truest selves, we let other people know they too are welcome & safe.

Radical Joy

Celebrating the triumphs, big and small, uplifting each other, and fighting for hope and progress in the face of hardship & hatred (institutionalized racism, homophobia & transphobia).

You won't break my soul, I'm telling everybody...


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